It’s been over a year since I first created this blog with the goal of posting more. It went so well that I’ve no posts until now, and I decided to move the blog to GatsbyJS as well!

Though Hugo wasn’t too bad to set up and get working with Asciidoc content, the theme I’d chosen didn’t make it easier to figure out, and I didn’t really understand how to tweak pieces if needed.

I explored a few options in deciding on an alternative blog platform, as there are plenty to choose from. As I had some previous experience with React, using GatsbyJS appeared to be a good fit. Though I had no previous experience with GraphQL, it seemed like a good opportunity to learn it. It was a little challenging to get to grips with in the beginning, but the docs are very thorough, so I managed to work through any issues without much hassle.

In a future post I will cover the details of getting Asciidoc transformation working with GatsbyJS.

Overall I’m very happy with the choice, and have found it reasonably easy to write components in React and retrieve the data with GraphQL.