About me

Ken Finnigan

I’m an OpenTelemetry Architect at Lumigo with over 25 years experience with enterprises throughout the world. I’m currently focused on building out SDK distributions for Lumigo customers. Previously, I was at Workday, and at Red Hat for 11 years founding open source projects in middleware.

I’m now, mostly, a stationary nomad after growing up in Sydney, Australia. I’ve lived in London, Brussels, Eindhoven, Dublin, to name a few. Currently I’m stationary in Boston, USA, with my wife of over 16 years, Erin, and our two boys.

I’m a father of two boys that constantly keep me on my toes, but also say the darndest things all the time!

When I have some free time, I enjoy researching family trees of my wife’s, mine, and friends. Sometimes you find some very interesting members of a family in the past!

Open Source

I can be found contributing to open source projects: OpenSLO, OpenTelemetry, and others.

Previously, I’ve contributed to Quarkus, SmallRye, Eclipse MicroProfile, Thorntail, LiveOak, GateIn, Portlet Bridge, and JBoss Seam.

How to find me

I’m on mastodon (@kenfinnigan), and twitter (@kenfinnigan), and can be reached via email (ken@kenfinnigan.me).