About me

Ken Finnigan

I’m a Senior Principal Software Engineer at Workday with over 25 years experience with enterprises throughout the world. I’m currently working on improving observability at Workday. Previously, I was at Red Hat for 11 years founding open source projects in middleware.

I’m now, mostly, a stationary nomad after growing up in Sydney, Australia. I’ve lived in London, Brussels, Eindhoven, Dublin, to name a few. Currently I’m stationary in Boston, USA, with my wife of over 15 years, Erin, and our two boys.

I’m a father of two boys that constantly keep me on my toes, but also say the darndest things all the time!

When I have some free time, I enjoy researching family trees of my wife’s, mine, and friends. Sometimes you find some very interesting members of a family in the past!

Open Source

I can be found contributing to open source projects: OpenSLO, OpenTelemetry, and others.

Previously, I’ve contributed to Quarkus, SmallRye, Eclipse MicroProfile, Thorntail, LiveOak, GateIn, Portlet Bridge, and JBoss Seam.

How to find me

I’m on mastodon (@kenfinnigan), and twitter (@kenfinnigan), and can be reached via email (ken@kenfinnigan.me).