I’m now almost two months into my new journey, and it’s time to provide an update!

Where am I now?

For those of you who have not already heard, I’m now at Workday. My current role focuses on observability for the service teams developing SaaS applications and their related components.

At the moment, I’m investigating and learning about SLOs and SLIs. As part of the work, I’m exploring OpenSLO and Sloth.

The first two months

It’s been an exhausting but also exciting first couple of months. There are many things I have learned about the existing observability systems and the current plans for improvements. However, there are also many things I have yet to learn.

A tricky aspect of my learning journey to date is finding context for previous decisions. Context is crucial to understanding previous decisions and the current state of a system based on those decisions.

I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many amazing people in such a short time, both within the group I’m in and across the whole organization. It’s been wonderful experiencing how Workday does value inclusion.

What will the future bring?

For now, continued learning and growth! Interspersed with the occasional rabbit hole of information I end up in.

I’m still contributing to open source, though less on the code side at present. Two projects of present interest are CNCF TAG for Observability and OpenTelemetry, though I anticipate additional projects soon. These two projects, in their way, are great for learning and utilizing the various parts of observability.

I look forward to continuing my journey into observability and its many varied aspects.